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Student House For Sale in Leeds

Posted on December 22, 2015 by noelcowen in student accommodation to buy sheffield, student house for sale leeds, student house for sale Manchester, student property for sale, student property for sale Manchester

With more than 500,000 students now studying at university, the opportunities for landlords are huge especially for those who have a student house for sale in Leeds.

One reason for this is that there is growing demand from students for quality accommodation and with a growing number of students available, there’s a matching demand that landlords are striving to meet.

The other issue to remember is that students are not just looking for property in August and September, there is a demand all year round as students plan ahead to find somewhere nice to live, usually with their friends.

Student house for sale Leeds

The popular student house for sale Leeds are generally in Headingly and Hyde Park as this is where students tend to congregate as there are excellent public transport links as well as access to the major roads.

On top of this, specialist financial advisers also highlight the fact that there’s a chronic shortage of quality student accommodation in the city.

While there is stiff competition among landlords for homing students, the rents being charged are rising which makes a student property investment in Leeds a sound business move.

Student property for sale

Landlord should also expect higher rental yields and returns for their student property investment which is why there is such strong demand in Leeds and other university cities for student property for sale.

There are many reasons why Leeds is growing in popularity among students, aside from its thriving nightlife and lots of work opportunities, it is also part of the elite Russell Group of universities.

It’s also rated as one of the top research centres in the UK which attracts thousands of students to develop their knowledge.

Student accommodation for sale

In addition, the city is also home to a sizeable number of overseas students, around 10% of the student body, which also helps to boost the potential profits for someone with student accommodation for sale.

There are two major universities in Leeds with both having a large campus close to the centre of the city.

Another reason for the growing popularity of Leeds is its success in its graduates finding work in the city which is a growing important financial hub which brings with it lots of well-paid opportunities for well-qualified people.

Student house for sale

The bottom line is that Leeds offers good opportunities for landlords to snap up a student house for sale for a reasonable price and then turn it into quality student accommodation.

Various parts of the city have also been regenerated which means house prices have grown in line and so having a student house for sale in Leeds is a great opportunity to exploit the demand from landlords and students alike.


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