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Where to find Britain’s Best and Cheapest Student Education

Posted on June 4, 2013 by siadmin in Student letting, Student property investment

Students looking for a good place to study and a great place to live should think about Durham as somewhere to find the country’s best and cheapest student education, according to a new survey.

The research found little to choose between many of Britain’s universities – many offer a good education, cheap beer, plush surroundings and are steeped in tradition.

But Durham pipped them all because of the bottom line – it’s a cheap place to live.

While Cambridge and Bristol can offer pretty much the same advantages, rents are a lot more expensive, argues the survey by Haart, a nationwide estate agent chain.

Cambridge is the most expensive place to live, with students shelling out an average £7,850 in living costs every year – nearly £23,000 for a three year course. Rent averages £97.25 a week.

Over three years, living costs and course fees come to around £50,000, without considering any other expenses. The university also frowns upon students working during term time.

Although Durham is not the cheapest place to live – Liverpool takes that honour with an average weekly rent of £54.25 – the university does rank fifth in academic stakes making the city the best cheapest university in the country.

Rents in the city average £62 a week.

The research looked at the leading Russell Group of elite universities and found that the difference between living costs at the cheapest and most expensive can range up to £2,000 a year for a similar education.

“Canny parents are now taking advantage of strong rental markets in university towns and cities by buying properties for their children and then letting them out once their offspring has moved on. This pays for a discounted rent for their child and offers a long-term investment for them,” said Haart’s chief executive Paul Smith.

“For those students looking to save money on their rental expenses and their social life, our tip is to study in Leeds, but for the best education with the lowest rent, head for Durham.”

In Leeds, average rents are £58.50 while beer is an average £2.45 a pint, which is more than a pound cheaper than in London.


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