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Living the Student Dream in 108 Square Feet

Posted on September 11, 2013 by siadmin in Student letting

Architects have created cheap and eco-friendly student housing that fits all mod cons into just 108 square feet of floor space.

That’s the equivalent of a room measuring just 12 feet by 9 feet. Dubbed the ‘smart student unit’, the mini housing is aimed at cutting build and living costs.

The first student housing units will be tested at a university in Sweden. Built from locally sourced materials, like laminated wood, the designers, a firm call Tengborn, reckon their housing solution will slice student rents in half.

“Through an efficient layout and the use of wood as a construction material the rent is reduced by 50% and the ecological impact and carbon footprints is also significantly reduced,” said Karin Bodin of Tengbom.

The bedsit room has space for cooking and dining, a desk for studies, lounge, mezzanine sleeping, en suite bathroom and a small outdoor patio.

Designers have built-in “smart” features that double up as other parts of the accommodation, like dining table and desk switch to window shutters and shelves are steps which lead to the loft.

“We wanted to show how quality can be achieved without space and how wood can be used in a modern way and contribute to the feeling,” said Bodin.

“The layout is very efficient and practical and students really find this an attractive alternative.”

The student housing is well-insulated and double-glazed, with a high sloping roof suitable for the installation of solar panels.

Although designed with students in mind, the smart unit could is easily adapted into a guest house, office or hotel room, suggest the designers.

The first batch of 22 smart units should be ready for students to move in during the 2014-15 academic year.

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